The summary of tighten measures of solid waste entry to China

- On 5th March 2019, the director of General Administration of Customs explained the main measures taken in 2018 on prohibiting the entry of solid waste.


First, a special campaign called “Clear Sky 2018” was launched against smuggling. Moreover, international joint actions, such as Operation Earth Goddess, have been taken to combat cross-border environmental crime.


Second, stricter port-based supervision. A 100% of solid waste materials was inspected at arrival in the Chinese port, either by machine or by hand. Due to this strict inspection manner, the amount of imported solid waste materials was reduced by 46.5% from last year.


Third, stricter pre-shipment inspection as well as follow-up inspection. All the pre-shipment waste materials need to be inspected on-site. The unqualified solid waste from pre-shipment inspections was reported as 150.000 tons for last year. Meanwhile, for those domestic enterprises who failed to follow the rules and regulations, the General Administration of Customs suspended their import qualification to China.