Pre-shipment Inspection - Used Machinery

To ensure the safety of imported secondhand machinery, prevent toxic and hazardous substances passing the borders and prevent fraud, the relevant laws and regulations of China on imported goods should be applied. A qualified third-party inspection agency must inspect the secondhand machines before shipment. The European CCIC offices have this qualification for inspection and appraisal of secondhand machinery which are exported to China.

The inspection will be based on Chinese laws, administrative regulations and relevant technical specifications to ensure that all the safety, health and environmental protection standards are met before shipment. CCIC shall examine product names, specifications, manufacturers, current condition and many other specifications of the machinery. The pre-shipment certificate for secondhand machinery is a required document for Chinese Customs clearance.



Details about the pre-shipment inspection procedure for secondhand machinery:

  1. Before shipment, applicant should submit a pre-shipment inspection request to the relevant European CCIC office.
  2. A quotation will be provided to the applicant (including but not limited to inspection fees, travel expenses, exchange rate costs) and a unique application number will be generated;
  3. The applicant needs to pay the inspection fee in advance;
  4. The European CCIC office will arrange the inspection date and formulate the inspection plan within 7 working days after receiving the payment;
  5. An inspector will be assigned and send to out to the location where the used machinery is stored, provided it is suitable for inspection;
  6. If any non-compliance with Chinese laws and regulations is found during the inspection process, the applicant shall promptly take corrective measures;
  7. A pre-shipment inspection certificate is issued;
  8. The European CCIC office send the applicant a certificate of inspection.


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