Recycling Metal

The recycling metal industry is an important part of the metal industry, the rational use of recycling metals, can significantly save energy, water, reduce solid waste and sulfur dioxide emissions. Besides, the metal industry resource conservation, environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction plays important role in promoting.

In order to ensure the smooth import of recycling metals and effectively intercept solid waste outside the country, China has issued a series of policies and standards in recent years.  National standards for recycling brass materials(GB/T 38470-2019), recycling copper materials (GB/T 38471-2019), and recycling cast aluminum alloys materials (GB/T 38472-2019) were officially implemented on July 1, 2020. National standards recycling iron-steel materials (GB/T 39733-2020) was effective on January 1, 2021. The implementation of the above standards will effectively promote the high-quality development of recycling metal materials and provide an important basis and technical support for recycling metal import.

China banned the import of waste completely from January 1, 2021, the above national standards allow high-quality recycling metal can continue to be exported to China.

Service vision

Provide fair, fast, reliable, and consistent localization services to customers around the world.


Introduction to the product line of China Certification & Inspection Group

China Certification & Inspection Group (hereinafter referred to as CCIC) engaged in recycling metal inspection for more than 20 years, is familiar with Chinese renewable metals related laws, regulations, standards, etc., has inspectors with a rich experience in recycling metal inspection. As a pre-shipment inspection organization authorized by the relevant departments of the Chinese government, more than 30 companies based overseas have been undertaking pre-shipment inspection of recycling metals exported to China. We, not only maintain a smooth communication with Chinese supervision departments, but also understand the quality management level and quality control capabilities of overseas recycling metal suppliers. Recycling Metal Product Line manages recycling metal inspection, testing and related business, in order to provide global customers with unified, standard, high-quality one-stop service. Global traders and suppliers can find CCIC overseas companies, to solve all inspection, testing-related problems of recycling metals exported to China. The CCIC inspection certificates will strongly prove that the goods are high-quality, distinguishing them from scrap metals, and provide technical support for customers to comply with Chinese and international regulations.


The organizational structure

CCIC adopts product line management, Recycling Metal Product Line manages recycling metal inspection, testing and related business, to provide global customers with a unified, standard, high-quality one-stop service.

The Recycling Metal Product Line has set up three centers, namely marketing center, operation center and technical center, which are responsible for the operation and management, sales planning and implementation of the recycling metal business, quality control and other related work.



The main services cover:

  • Recycling copper materials
  • Recycling brass material
  • Recycling Casting Aluminum Alloy Materials
  • Recycling iron-steel materials


Service scopes

  • Tailor-made solutions and plans for the trading parties in recycling metal
  • On-site inspection risk assessment and competency verification for both sides of the trade
  • Regulations, interpretation, consultation and training for recycling metal and other recycling materials
  • Identification of solid waste
  • Organize customer technical exchanges, seminars
  • Product classification and labelling
  • Quantity and weight identification
  • Quality inspection
  • Loading/unloading supervision


Our strengths

  • Recognized qualifications by Chinese supervision departments
  • Global network
  • Experienced inspectors
  • Long-term cooperation customers
  • Worldwide, qualified testing facilities
  • Timely tracking and accurate grasp of policies and regulations
  • Be familiar with recycling metal standards and identify the risk of solid waste

Recycling metal in the European region

Six comprehensive inspection companies have been established in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Hungary, covering the entire European region.  More than a hundred experienced inspection personnel can provide recycling metal inspection, identification, testing and other services according to the actual needs of customers.   

Our contacts:

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Global service network

The Recycling Metal Product Line has a global service network, with approximately 28 companies overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) with global technical  capabilities. In the field of inspection, identification, testing and so on, we can prevent both sides of the trade to avoid "risk" and create "value" and "benefits". If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.