Goods Import Pre-clearance

Food products, cosmetics, and many other consumer goods imported into China have strict control in the forms of such as GB national standards, official decrees, label requirements, and local inspection and quarantine procedures. Various risks exist for both potential and ongoing European exporters of entering the Chinese market.

China National Standards (GB Standards) are only officially released in Chinese, with many terminologies that lose their actual Chinese meaning when translated into other languages (including English). Additionally, new GB standards and official decrees are often released or updated without warning and/or little grace period, this can catch even the best prepared ones off-guard.

Many goods types, including wine, dairy products, infant formula, etc. require local testing after arrival at the Chinese port, even if it has been previously tested by an oversea laboratory. Product testing will be carried out in compliance with Chinese methods (which may or may not be the same as the exporter’s local testing methods) and depending on the local requirements and specific testing items, it will take 1 to 4 weeks before the goods are allowed to be released.

CCIC Europe provide assistance in setting up special a tailor-made pre-shipment service for your goods before entering China, such as Product Pre-testing and Labelling Verification. These services allow you to verify if your good can enter into the Chinese market event before the shipment.

Significant advantages of this service include:

  • Greatly reducing, up to eliminating, the time of goods needed to stay at the bonded warehouse after arrival. This is especially invaluable for rushing your goods to the market or if the shelf time is limited;
  • Double assessment regarding the compliance of your products with the China National Standards and local requirements before the goods even leaving your warehouse, minimizing or removing the risk of products rejection/destruction by the Chinese authorities;
  • Continuous updating on relevant China product requirements.



  • Pre-testing to confirm that nutritional and biochemical values are in compliance with the relevant GB Standards;
  • Faster clearance with our pre-testing service and label assessment;
  • Authenticity & Traceability services to enhance the awareness and competitiveness of your products and brand.


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