CQC Supports New Initiatives of CCIC Overseas Companies

Agricultural & Food Product Certification Auditor Qualification Training held in NL

- China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and CCIC EUROPE B.V. joint forces to hold a 7-day training in the Netherlands for Agricultural & Food Product Certification Auditor Qualification. The training was set up to support the business transformation and dynamically develop the certification market of the overseas companies of CCIC Group. Starting on October 31, 2018, the training was attended by 52 colleagues from CCIC EU subsidiaries and CCIC Korea.


Multiple topics were covered in the training such as certification and accreditation related regulations, food safety management system, the dairy product certification standards and audits, as well as the business processes of agricultural food product certification. The participants were also instructed on the CCAA auditor registration criteria, the CQC auditor management process and the usage requirements of the CQC certified personnel network system.


This training course aims to educate qualified certification professionals, who will be the foundation for overseas companies to carry out agricultural and food products certification and inspection. CQC and CCIC EUROPE will further strengthen cooperation and expand both brands outside of China by exploring the certification business and provide professional quality services to customers.