NMi Partners with CCIC Europe to Bring Internationally Accredited TIC Services to China

Delft, The Netherlands — 12 June 2023. NMi, the market leader in the certification of measuring and metering technologies, and CCIC Europe (CCIC EU), the first regional company of the China Inspection & Certification Group, have entered into a partnership to provide testing, inspection, and certification services to manufacturers in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

- CCIC EU will serve as a local technical service partner of NMi in the PRC. The partnership will establish a CCIC EU - NMi China desk to inform PRC manufacturers of EU certification requirements for EU product entry. The goal is to ensure PRC manufacturers are well-informed and comply with the EU's strict regulations and standards.

The partnership will primarily focus on the utility, liquid & gas, and innovation markets for products, including smart utility meters, bunkering custody measurement systems, smart battery energy storage systems (BESS), and nano micro grid hydrogen systems.

The partnership is seen as a strategic move for both companies to serve the growing demand for high-quality, safe, and reliable products from the PRC. NMi Business Development Manager Robbert Schirmer states, "The partnership is well-positioned to provide Chinese manufacturers with the certification and testing services needed to enter the European market, which is essential for their continued growth and success. We are committed to strengthening this partnership and building a more transparent and efficient trade system that benefits our regions."

CCIC Europe General Manager Zhang Junxin expresses, "NMi and CCIC EU are committed to providing manufacturers with excellent certification and testing services to ensure product quality and safety."

This partnership marks a significant milestone in promoting fair trade between China and the EU. By working together, NMi and CCIC EU help ensure safe, high-quality products enter the EU market, giving consumers the confidence they deserve.


About NMi

NMi stands for trust, accuracy and guidance in metrology and measuring technology. We ensure society's confidence in the correctness and safety of all daily transactions. We perform this through impartially testing, inspecting, and certifying the reliability of measuring instruments utilised in transactions and custody transfers against the highest compliance standards. Furthermore, we enable our clients to improve and safeguard their data and operational technologies continuously. Based in Delft, the Netherlands, NMi is active in over 200 countries. NMi employs around 150 people globally.

About CCIC Europe

CCIC Europe BV is an organisation specialized in survey, inspection, certification and testing activities incorporated in the Netherlands in 2002. It is part of the China Inspection & Certification Group, China's most influential multinational quality service provider. As the first regional company of the China Inspection & Certification Group, CCIC Europe is responsible for coordinating operations with six local CCIC offices around Europe, located in Germany, France, London, Spain, Eastern Europe and the Netherlands, in addition to two specialised testing companies.


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