CCC Certification

- In December 2001, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China issued the “Mandatory product certification management regulations” to replace the original imported product safety and quality licensing system and electrical product safety certification system with a compulsory product certification system. China Compulsory Product Certification is referred to as CCC certification or 3C certification. It is a statutory compulsory safety certification system, and it is also an internationally adopted basic practice to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Products in the "Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue" include household appliances, automobiles, low-voltage electrical appliances, lamps, wires and cables, toys and other products.


As the leading certification body of CCC certification, CQC has undertaken the certification of 17 categories in the total 20 categories in CCC certification catalogue, providing certification services to customers world-wide, and the number of certificates issued ranks the top among all certification bodies. Products listed in the Chinese market can only be affixed with the CCC certification mark and used in factory, sales, import or other business activities only if they have obtained the certificate from a designated certification body. Therefore, CQC is your best choice for CCC certification.


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