CQC Eclectic Tools and Accessories Certification Service

- 1Service Introduction

As a third-party professional certification body, CQC has long been engaged in certification, testing and technical services in the field of electric tools and accessories, providing all-round value added services. CQC provides CCC self-declaration service of electric tools, certification and testing service of electric tools and accessories, and issue international certificates such as CB, CE and PSE to help clients meet the requirements of international mutual recognition system.

2Product Scope

Electric tools and the accessories products include but are not limited to: hand-held electric tools, battery tools, rechargeable battery packs for electric tools, battery chargers for electric tools, commutators for electric tools, appliance switches for electric tools, electronic control modules for brushless electric tools, etc.

3Services we provide

  • Product certification and testing for CCC self-declaration electric tools
  • CQC-mark certification of safety and EMC for electric tools and the accessories
  • International certification of electric tools such as CB, CE, PSE, etc.
  • Other technical services related to product safety and compliance


Contact of CQC

Wu Lan +86-010-83886099  wulan@cqc.com.cn

Duan Xu +86-010-83886367  duanxu@cqc.com.cn


Contact of CQC Europe sub-center

Hanyang Shen

Email: certi@cciceu.com