CQC Green Product Certification for Delivery Packing

- With the vigorous development of online shopping, tens of millions of pieces of express waste every day have imposed severe challenges to the environment. In order to promote the green development of the express packaging industry, the State Post Bureau issued the "Technical Requirements for the Evaluation of Green Products in Express Packages" based on GB/T 39084 "Green Product Evaluation: Express Packaging "on October 10, 2020 . Subsequently, on October 30 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Post Bureau jointly issued the  Announcement on the issuance of the "Certification Catalog of Green Product for Express Packaging" and "Green Product Certification Rules of Express Packaging" as the guidelines and technical basis for green product certification of express packaging. The first batch of certification catalogue include: envelopes, boxes, packaging bags, container bags, electronic waybills, paper fillers, plastic fillers, suspended fastening newspapers, tapes and reusable express packaging.


As one of the pioneers to develop and implement green product certification, CQC has obtained the qualification of green certification for express packaging in 2021, and can carry out the green product certification of express packaging in an all-round way for the green transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the green development of express packaging industry, contributing to the green, sustainable development of the whole industry.


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