- ECEE, subordinate to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a scheme responsible for the conformity assessment of electrical products and components. Formally established in 1985, IECEE-CB is one of the most successful international mutual recognition systems through CB test certificate issued by National Certification Bodies (NCB). Based on IEC International standards, IECEE-CB is globalized in terms of concept and practice, thus reducing trade barriers caused by differences in certification rules among countries and exploring new markets for industry.


CQC is the national certification body (NCB) that officially joins the IECEE CB system on behalf of China. It is entitled to directly issue CB certificates for 18 categories of products and more than 1400 standards (including different versions of standards). The CB test certificates issued by CQC are recognized by 54 member countries of IECEE system and some other countries and regions.


Scope: batteries (BATT), wire and cable (CABL), capacitors as components (CAP), appliance switches and automatic controllers for household appliances (CONT), energy efficiency (E3), electric vehicles (ELVH), household and similar use equipment (HOUS), installation accessories and connecting devices (INST), information technology and audio and video equipment (ITAV), lighting equipment (LITE), miscellaneous categories (MISC), information technology and office equipment (OFF), low-voltage high-power switchgear (POW), installation protection equipment (PROT), safety transformers and similar equipment (SAFE), portable power tools (TOOL), electronic entertainment equipment (TRON), Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Certification Process:

Applicant submit the application and relevant technical materials---Product test in designated laboratories---Testing report evaluation.---CB testing report issuance


Contact of CQC

Mo Xiaofeng



Contact of CQC Europe sub-center

Hanyang Shen