CQC International Voluntary Emission Reduction Certification

- Headquartered in Washington, DC, Verra is a nonprofit corporation that manages the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), The Climate, Community & Biodiversity, the following CCB and Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta) and other related evaluation standards in the field of climate change to provide a wealth of quality assurance standards for trading market of the voluntary carbon emission reduction. As the world renowned certification body, CQC has obtained the qualifications to conduct evaluation in accordance with the standards of VCS, CCB and SD VISta.


SD VISta is a standard used to evaluate and report the impact of project activities on sustainable development. Once SD VISta is evaluated, the project’s contribution to the sustainable development will be listed in the VERRA database and have the opportunity to be sold as an asset. The CCB standard is used to determine projects that meet the requirements of addressing climate change, supporting local communities and small-scale farmers, and protecting biodiversity. Once certified, the project will improve livelihoods, create jobs, protect traditional culture and endangered species, help ensure the accessibility to land and resources, increase the resilience of ecosystems and help to deal with climate change. For voluntary carbon emission reduction assets certified by the VCS standard, it will prove that the emission reduction project complies with the VCS, which will help expand the sources of funding for the project and promote the project's social influence.


Contact of CQC

ZHU Hailei

Tel: +86 010-83886508

Email: zhuhailei@cqc.com.cn


XUE Wei 

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Contact of CQC Europe sub-center

Hanyang Shen

Email: certi@cciceu.com