Energy Efficiency Grades Certification for Internal Power Supply

- The energy efficiency grades certification for internal power supply is applicable to internal power supply for supplying power to information technology equipment, telecommunication equipment, audio and video equipment and industrial equipment. It is targeted to promote the development of power industry in the direction of green energy saving, and make CQC certified power supply become the high-quality power source of the whole equipment.


The energy efficiency grades certification for internal power supply is the first certification service launched by CQC in China for the sub-field of energy efficiency grades certification. It is committed to accurately meeting the needs of the industry and providing scientific and effective support for the on-demand procurement of whole machine manufacturers, Internet enterprises and government departments. At the same time, it also provides localized energy efficiency grades certification solutions for power supply enterprises, which helps them to gain wider social recognition.


Certification category:

Energy Efficiency Grades Certification of Internal Power Supply (Application Category No.: 709001)

Certification mode:

Product inspection + initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision

Implementation rules:

CQC31-461288-2021 Energy efficiency grades certification rules for internal power supply

Referenced standard:

CQC3178-2021 Energy efficiency grades certification criteria for internal power supply

Certification marks:

The following certification marks are allowed for certified products according to the certification grade:

Remark: Deformed marks are not allowed.


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