CQC Road Vehicle Functional Safety Service

- Adhering to the concept of “delivering trust and serving development”, in August 2019, CQC formally established the Vehicle (including drones, industrial machinery, etc.) Functional Safety (including Functional safety SOTIF safety and Cybersecurity) Center , and launched ASPICE technical service.

Certification of functional safety: it covers process certification and product certification. Process certification is used to ensure that product development meets the requirement of development and functional safety management process required by the ISO26262. Product certification is used to ensure the product to be in line with the functional safety technical requirements of the ISO26262 in developing, designing, testing, manufacturing and other aspects; which can effectively reduce risks caused by the failure of automobile electronic and electrical systems, and improve product quality.

ASPICE services: ASPICE is the most authoritative standard for automotive software development systems internationally. The introduction of the ASPICE system can greatly improve the software quality and product quality of vehicles, systems and components, reducing after-sales costs, and provide much convenience for the company to pass the functional safety certification under ISO26262.


Research and project development related to functional safety in the field of mass transportation; Consulting services related to functional safety certification, testing, training and standards; Centralized docking of related business of relevant departments within CQC and institutional cooperation of functional safety business and leading work of project development.


Contact of CQC:

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Contact of CQC Europe sub-center

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