CCIC Metal Recycling Product Line Organized Professional Training

- On August 26th, Mrs. WEI Hongbing, the first drafter of the Rules for the Inspection of Imported Recycling Iron-steel Materials (hereinafter referred to as the rules) from Tianjin Customs, was invited to give the lecture to the business management personnel and inspectors of related overseas CCIC companies. Mrs. WEI interpreted the background of the rules and the provisions in detail, as well as the key and difficult issues of inspection aspects. The rules has been implemented on July 1st 2021, which is the main inspection basis for the imported recycling iron-steel materials by customs. The accurate understanding of the rules will effectively improve the inspection quality of overseas companies and provide customers with high quality pre-shipment inspection services.

The general manager Mr. Song Xiangdong, from CCIC Inspection Company, stressed the importance of pre-shipment inspection works and required everyone to obtain quality consciousness of extending supervision chain, observe professional ethics of keeping bottom line and comprehend the requirements of the rules.


Mrs. Yang Ping, the director of Recycling Metal Product Line, hopes that all relevant companies can clearly understand the differences of recycling metal inspection and waste materials inspection. As a new business, we must be quality oriented, strive to achieve the consistency of pre-shipment results and port arrival inspection, and be worthy of customers’  trust. The technology team of Recycling Metal Product Line is required to constantly study the rules and improve technical system, to provide technical guarantee for inspectors.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Recycling Metal Product Line has taken the opportunity to build capacity, carry out forms of global business training, continually improve the business skills of inspectors, and constantly consolidate the foundation of high quality development of pre-shipment inspection work.

 Nearly 160 people participated in the training, including the relevant leaders of Inspection Company, core team members of Recycling Metal Product Line, as well as relevant business leaders and inspectors of overseas companies.