CCIC London Completed the First Commercial Consignment Inspection of Recycling Steel Raw Materials

- On 22nd January 2021, CCIC London has received the first commercial consignment inspection of recycling steel raw materials in Europe. The client is Ireland Alloys. Ireland Alloys (est.1964, based in Hamilton, Scotland) specialises in recycling and processing extensive range of complex superalloy scrap and are an approved supplier to the world-wide vacuum-melt & air-melt Superalloy mills, foundries, and powder Manufacturers, servicing aerospace, petrochemical, 3D printing, medical and power generation sectors.

The commissioned recycling steel raw materials are alloy steel ARS603—Inconel 625 (GH3625) and Waspaloy (GH4738), both are nickel base superalloys. The client has expressed that through many years of collaboration with CCIC in the metal recycling field, CCIC has become their trusted third-party quality inspection service provider. In line with the responsible attitude towards the purchaser, Ireland Alloys have decided to commission CCIC to inspect the goods exported to China according to the new national standard on the Recycling steel raw material. During the inspection process, the inspectors conducted strict inspection to the materials on the technical indicators of radioactive materials, explosive substances, hazardous wastes and carried-wastes, etc. and concluded that the quality of the goods is satisfactory and meets the standard for recycling steel raw materials

CCIC Recycled Metal Product Line has, in turn, completed the first batch of imported steel raw materials inspection in the world and Europe, providing customers with high quality, professional inspection services for recycling raw materials at home and abroad, and is a trusted third-party inspection organization for the customers. Recycled Metal Product Line will make persistent efforts, further, the use of the rich inspection experience and strong technical force, adhere to drive the development, consolidate the core competitiveness, and to help the green transformation and the healthy development of the recycling metal industry.