CCIC Recycled Metal Product Line team had online meetings with Chinese Customs Technology Centers

- To ensure the CCIC overseas companies accurately understand the relevant national standards and policies, to provide accurate test results, on December 24 2020 and January 15 2021, the team of Recycled Metal Product Lines respectively had online meetings with Ningbo Customs Technology Center and Guangzhou Customs Technology Center. At the meeting,  Ningbo and Guangzhou Customs Technology Center gave information focused on the inspection methods for the arrival recycled metals, and explained the technical difficulties in the inspection standards of recycled metals. The team leader of CCIC Recycled Metal Product Line technical group introduced the overall situation, the progress of the work and the work plan for the next step, and consulted on the problems encountered in the overseas on-site inspection. The leaders and technicians of the Customs technical centers gave detailed answers. The two parties also discussed sampling method, sampling ratio, detection methods of recycled brass, copper and aluminum, as well as how to achieve technical information exchange.


CCIC Recycled Metal Product Line is currently committed to developing overseas testing methods suitable for different raw metal materials, including moisture and impurity content determination, metal composition testing, volatile determination, etc., and strive to be consistent with the inspection results of Chinese Customs, to provide overseas customers with precision, localized inspection and testing services, to further improve the quality of recycled raw metal materials exported to China .