Recycling Metal Product Inspection Service Line held inspection practical video training

- On November 20, the Recycling Metal Product Inspection Service Line (hereinafter called the “Service Line”) successfully held an inspection training course through video. More than 20 CCIC overseas companies, 68 participants in charge of recycled metal inspection and inspectors joined in the training.


The technical team paid close attention to the first batch of inspections of the Service Line and provided timely technical support. Considering that most overseas companies have not formally accepted the application of recycled metal inspections, and the inspectors lack on-site practical operation experience, the operation center comprehensively summarized the inspection experience and held inspection training courses in a timely manner to provide relevant overseas companies with a better understanding of the inspection operation procedures and strong support of optimizing inspection service. The training gave in-depth explanations on topics such as how to carry out on-site inspections, what should be noted during inspections, how to fill in inspection materials, and issue inspection certificates; relevant participants also conducted technical exchanges based on local inspections.


The successful holding of this training indicates that overseas CCIC companies are fully prepared to provide reliable inspection services for relevant trading parties.