Better Service from EUT for CQC Mark Certification Customers

- From now on, customers can obtain the test report approved by China Quality Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as “CQC”) directly, when parts of components in motor vehicle pass the test of CCIC Europe Testing S. L (hereinafter referred to as “EUT”). This new service can help clients save significant time and costs to obtain CQC mark certification quickly, since there is no necessity to send samples to testing laboratories in China.

EUT was established in Barcelona, ​​Spain in March, 2015, and passed the ISO17025 accreditation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in 2015. The testing scope involves: motor vehicle external lighting and light signal device, motor vehicle indirect vision device, motor vehicle interiors, motor vehicle door locks and door retention components, non-metallic materials and textile testing, etc. While providing customers with high-quality testing services, EUT is also in cooperation with relevant Chinese laboratories, aiming to provide customers with testing reports officially recognized in China. Through this service, customers can easily obtain CCC certification.

CQC mark certification is a voluntary product certification implemented by CQC, focusing on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, RoHS (the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances) and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect consumers' personal and property safety. CQC mark certification has a broad influence in the Chinese market, and its scope involves: mechanical equipment, electricity equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials and other 500+ products.