GACC MARA Announcement No. 30 [2020] Lifting Pet Food Containing Ruminant Ingredients from U.S.

- On 19th February 2020, GACC (General Administration of Customs) and MARA (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) jointly released the No.30 [2020] announcement. This announcement states that the ban, of pet food containing ingredients derived from ruminants from the U.S., lifted.


Excerpt of GACC MARA Announcement No. 30 [2020]:


According to the results of the risk assessment, starting from the date of this announcement, the restrictions on pet foods containing ingredients derived from ruminant from the United States are lifted. This former restriction was issued by the former Ministry of Agriculture and the former Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Announcement No. 143 [2001]. Thus, pet food from the United States containing ingredients derived from ruminants, that comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations, is allowed to import into China.


The requirements for inspection and quarantine of pet food exported to China from the United States will be formulated and announced.


Notice is hereby given.



19th February 2020


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